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“Deaf Culture, Heritage and Diversity”!

Deaf Studies is a field that covers the unique aspects of deaf culture, heritage, diversity, and sign language. Currently, Deaf Studies is mostly taught at colleges and universities (academic level), leaving those who do not pursue a career as interpreters or sign language teachers with little to no knowledge about Deaf Studies. 

Too often, deaf youths learn aspects of Deaf Culture from their interpreters in mainstream (secondary or vocational) education. 

It’s important for deaf youths to understand their own culture and heritage. Being aware of these aspects means that deaf youths can take pride in their identity and language, actively participating in society. And who is closer to these deaf youths than youth workers? Youth clubs, associations, and other institutions currently lack, or have no, materials to convey Deaf Studies to deaf youths. 

“Nothing about us without us!”

Nihil de nobis, sine nobis!

James Charlton

a disability rights activist and author, who used it as the title of his 1998 book.

The first motto dates back to Poland in the 1500s.

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